Daniel W. Thatcher

Senate 11

Senator Daniel W. Thatcher was first elected in 2010,defeating a Democratic incumbent in a historic upset. While representing a left leaning district, he maintained a solidly conservative voting record on protecting the unborn, constitutional rights, lower taxes, and school choice. In his first year in the Senate, he served as the Chair of the Patrick Henry Caucus in defense of state's rights.

He is best known for championing criminal justice reforms, veteran’s issues, first responders, and for limiting government authority over individuals. Government has more oversight and transparency because of his work. He has repealed more laws than any legislator in Utah history.

Senator Thatcher is a National expert on school safety and mental health crisis intervention, and is responsible for the creation of the SafeUT and 988 Crisis support systems. He is a loving husband to a US Navy combat veteran.

What He Stands For


Passed four bills to increase election integrity, transparency, and oversight in 2022 alone.


Always fights to restrain the use of government power over citizens.


Repealed more laws and code sections than any other Legislator. Ever.

Small Government

As a principled conservative, Senator Thatcher has consistently worked to increase efficiency in government to benefit the taxpayer while striving to limit it's authority over citizens. He has repealed more laws than any other legislator in Utah's history.


Senator Thatcher will always stand for what is right, even if that means standing alone. When there was pressure to pass a rushed tax bill that would have doubled the tax on food, Thatcher voted no. When HB11 was changed at the last minute to a ban that was unconstitutional, Thatcher voted no. When SB54 was passed, Senator Thatcher voted no. He consistently stands by the same promise he made in his first term: "I can't promise that I will always agree with you, but I can promise that I will always listen and that I will never lie to you."

Mental Health

Senator Thatcher's work on mental health and criminal justice reform has saved precious lives and diminished untold suffering. We also save tax dollars by keeping people in crisis out of our jails and hospitals. The SafeUT and 988 systems pioneered here in Utah are the best in the US, leading one national expert to exclaim, "Utah isn't on the leading edge. Utah IS the leading edge."


"Senator Thatcher has championed critical issues for Utah’s law enforcement, specifically as it relates to officer wellness. On issues that were delicate on each side, Sen Thatcher has always worked with an open mind to bring sides together for resolutions acceptable to all stakeholders. 'With unprecedented vacancy, public safety has been jeopardized because Utah hasn’t properly recognized issues for good officers that suffer from job related trauma. Senator Thatcher has been front and center to helping us resolve and fix the stigma associated with wellness,' states Brent Jex, President of the Utah FOP. 'Senator Thatcher continues to recognize that danger and works diligently, openly, and honorably in turning around this crisis.'"

~ 4,600 Members of the Utah Fraternal Order of Police
April 16th, 2022

Four years ago I gave an endorsement to Senator Daniel Thatcher. Today I stand by that endorsement and have more to add. He is the only candidate I can support. Behind the scenes, unaware to many is the creation of 988, a National three-digit hotline born right here, that will serve 330,000,000 Americans and will likely save as many lives as 911 or penicillin. Without Senator Thatcher, this would've never have become a reality. 988 goes live this summer, 2022, and there is not enough time to bring someone up to speed to ensure it happens smoothly.
Tooele County was ranked fourth in the State for suicide in 2014. Today, we are as low as 21st out of the 29 counties throughout Utah. There is not another county in the State that has come this far in saving lives. I credit Senator Daniel Thatcher, a Senator that cares about the lives of his constituents.
When I call, he answers. When I need something, he comes. There's nothing more I can say. Help save lives by re-electing Senator Daniel Thatcher. That saved life could be someone you love.

~ Jon Gossett
Tooele Resident, Founder of the
"Life's Worth Living Foundation"

"I have served as a school superintendent in three different districts for over 20 years. I have interacted with many state legislators. I am proud to call Senator Daniel Thatcher a friend, colleague, and mentor. He truly ranks at the top of my list for listening, caring, easy access, and responsiveness to the public. He has my vote as one of the most effective State legislators I have known."

~ Dr. Scott Rogers
Former Superintendent, Tooele School District

"As a veteran, the right to self-defense is important to me. When I asked Senator Thatcher for help in creating legislation to protect those rights, he helped me right away, even though Herriman wasn't in his district. I'm glad we have him now."

~ Joe Rummel
Herriman Citizen

Senator Thatcher explains his principled vote against HB 11 and its veto override in favor of constitutional integrity.

Senator Thatcher explains his commitment to parent's choice in the social and emotional education of their children.

"I voted against SB-54 because I trust the delegates.
It's why I have NEVER gathered signatures."

~ Senator Daniel W. Thatcher